a first person narrative game
portraying issues revolving
around mental health

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As If dreaming when you're wide awake.

As if is an upcoming immersive narrative video game that retells a story that is inspired by true eventsExperience the life of Matthew. Step into his shoes. Look from his eyes. Listen to the voices.
Packaged in artistic symbolism and realistic grit.

The Team.

Andreas Andika

Chandrika N.D.

M. Irfan Permadi

Mira Wardhaningsih

Rolly Anwari

We're a small indie studio from the city of flower; Bandung, Indonesia.

 Founded by a bunch of then-undergraduate students, our path was a very rough and tough ordeal due to our positions as university students. To be honest (and it’s getting kind of personal), our path isn’t what Asian parents would really approve of (Making game? Are you crazy? Grow up!).
We had no office, no capital and no access to the basic resources of a “studio”.
In the first year we would work nomadically, going to cafés and places so that we could get our hands on free Wi-Fi. We realized that this wasn’t financially stable. 

Slowly, like a tortoise, we dragged ourselves to get everything sort of balanced (a garage office!) and more amazing members joined the team. Now, here we are.


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